Job Description: Taxi Driver

  1. To pick-up, transport and discharge passengers in a safe and courteous manner and operate a taxi in accordance with all municipal regulations and company policies.
  2. To obey all vehicle and traffic laws and promote the best interest and public image of the company.
  3. To report to work with a clean and appropriate personal appearance, i.e. clean shaven, bathed and wearing clean clothes, in accordance with company policies.
  4. To answer taxi calls as dispatched by the office in a safe and prompt manner and record same on the trip log.
  5. To pick up calls hailed by the public, report same immediately to the dispatcher and record in the trip log.
  6. To assist passengers in loading and unloading packages, bundles, groceries, luggage and any other parcels which they may be carrying while being transported in our vehicle, up to a weight of forty (40) pounds per individual package or parcel.
  7. To maintain an accurate trip log of calls and fares, including mileage when required, and to be responsible for all moneys due in accordance with company policy, including accurate recording of receipts for all charge calls.
  8. To be responsible for checking and recording vehicle information including mileage and fluid levels, as well as perform a visual inspection of assigned vehicle prior to each shift and report any deficiencies to the dispatcher immediately. (This includes checking oil, water, transmission fluid, battery, power steering and brake fluids and adding same if needed.)
  9. To report any vehicle problems during the shift, to the dispatcher immediately and check that same has been recorded in the repair file at the end of each shift.
  10. To properly record all gas fills with documented receipts and mileage.

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We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.